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Our Method

The College Prep Center of Excellence understands that all students are unique and our personalized approach provides every family with a compass for meeting their goals.
We start by understanding your needs and together we develop a plan on how to achieve your goals, albeit success in a class, on a test or admissions to college. We work with you each step of the way.


The College Prep Center for Excellence mission is to help students worldwide change the world. We are driven to provide access to the best programs for all students. We understand that education is key and  remain focused on ensuring all students' success in achieving their next step in changing the world.


Our values are steeped in the belief that access to quality higher education should not be limited to a select few but should be available to all the courageous students who aspire for more.


Education - a fundamental right for all and the bedrock of our work. We believe that everyone is entitled to access to quality higher education.

Quality - high quality in our work, our programs and our recommendations. We believe that aspiring for the highest quality will drive better outcomes for our students and their families.

Courage - providing strength of purpose. We believe that filling our students with confidence and courage will help them meet the challenge of tomorrow.


The Team

The team at The College Prep Center for Excellence has over 70 years of experience in education and college admissions. We also are parents and understand the needs of both parents and students . The process of college admissions can be easy and enjoyable. Through our methods of teaching classes and our college counseling process we make it possible for our clients to focus on what is most important.


College Admissions Counselor
English Tutor
SAT Prep Counselor

Mari-Ana Narbon - Founder

Mari-Ana has over 25 years of experience helping students change the world. As a former Admission Counselor for Rosemont College, she has the knowledge of what colleges and universities look for in students. As a bilingual International teacher she has taught everything from elementary to High School; she is certified in I.B. and A.P. and understands the demands that High School students are exposed to. She received her B.A. in Sociology from Rosemont College, and her M.Ed. in International Education from Framingham State University. She is passionate about helping students reach their goals and loves seeing their success. Mari-Ana works both nationally and internationally with students. In addition to being the founder of the College Prep Center for Excellence, Mari-Ana is the mother and grandmother who knows first-hand what it means to send your children to schools abroad and the challenges from test prep, application to financial aid and scholarship applications.

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